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Matt's Long Legal History


     Matt had some major problems during his adolescent years.  He was a bully.  He beat up his fellow students.  He abused alcohol and drugs.  Because of this, he left public schools and later obtained his diploma from a private school (paid for by Bill and Doris Storey).  (Click on File #1)

     Going into Matt's early adult years, he was arrested on 11/24/91 in Arlington PD Report No. 910155968.  He was charged for the misdemeanor offense(s) of:  Driving While Intoxicated (with verified .21% BAC), and Unlawful Carrying of a Deadly Weapon(s): to wit:  TWO PAIRS OF NUN CHUCKS.  (Click on File #2).

     Just before his arrest, Matt had been out driving around drunk with his elderly grandmother and five year old daughter, Brittnie.  While being arrested, Matt told APD Officer R. Hernandez #1307, quote "I'm glad I dropped off my little girl."  Of course, as you'll see from my 1996 jury trial  in State v. Reger, Case No. 0579930D (CDC #3 Tarrant Co. Tx.)- Vicki swore that Matt would never do such a thing with his family inside the car.  (Trial Record, Vol. 4, Pages 129 and 139-140 [NOTE:  I wasn't able to include those trial records within this site due to excess volume]).

     On 02/03/93, Matt entered a guilty plea, and was sentenced to a two year misdemeanor probated sentence.  See, State v. Storey, Case Nos.  0464446 and 0464447 (County Criminal Court No. 10 Tarrant Co. Tx.).  (Click on File #3).

     I didn't become aware of those facts until June 9, 2000, and then provided with all 37 pages of the police records under APD Report #910155968- back in April of 2003.  (Click on File #4).

I wasn't able to include all 37 pages of that report on this site because of redundancy and poor copy quality.  I'll provide the complete report upon legitimate request.

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The Fireworks Begin In The Summer of 1994


     Feeling sorry for Vicki's situation, I helped her obtain a job where I worked.  She then started having Michael Furrh live within her apartment on a part-time basis.  Michael then encouraged, aided and abetted Vicki to use Methamphetamines.  The fireworks began.

     It became commonplace to see and hear Matt's vehicle(s) flying into and out of our apartment complex parking lot.  The squeal of car tires; the slamming of car doors, and raised voices became the norm.  Not only did I take notice; but the apartment maintenance man (Terry Lee Adams) and his assistant manager wife (Christine Marie Adams) had come to my 1996 jury trial and swore they'd also seen and heard those same events.  (Vol. 5, Pages 422-427; Vol. 7, Pages 15-17).

   For example- on 07/24/94, Matt travelled over to Vicki's home.  He beat on her door and windows- yelling at her to open up and come outside.  Vicki called the police and Matt left (he was serving that felony probation).  Arlington PD Officer James R. McSpadden #1004 later arrived and contacted Vicki.  While they spoke, her phone rang, it was Matt calling.  Officer McSpadden got permission from Vicki to listen in on the phone call and document the conversation in his ADP Report No. 940105084.  (Click on File #5).  Michael then informed officer McSpadden that Matt had threatened his life on 06/26/94- and that threat was witnessed by approximately 20 people.  Christina then drove over to Vicki's home and spoke with Officer McSpadden.  She acted as Matt's "mediator".

     Matt continued to openly threaten Michael's life on 07/24/94, 08/06/94, and 08/18/94.  Those terroristic threats were reported to APD Officer Gary W. Shook #1059, on 08/27/94, and preserved in Report No. 940124913.  (Click on File #6).  I urge the reader to pay close attention to the times recorded within those police reports.  It establishes Matt's "Modus Operandi."  He often tended to be highly intoxicated and angry at someone between 9:00 PM to midnight.  Also, remember while Matt ran around making those terroristic threats, he was serving a two-year felony probated sentence stemming from APD Report No.  910155968. He was never arrested.

     Also on 08/27/94, not even nineteen hours later, Matt refused to return his daughters to Vicki.  She travelled to his home, and he assaulted  her- (while still serving a felony probation).  Pantego PD Officer, C. Abrams #607, went to Matt's home at 23:00 hours and wrote Report No. 940813485. 

(Click on File #7). Once again, Matt was not arrested.

     Going into 08/28/94, just thirty minuts past midnight (recall that police were just called to Matt's home and Pantego PD Officer C. Abrams #607, wrote Report No. 940813485) Matt and Ron Venerable travelled back over to Vicki's home, bringing along Christina (the mediator).  Matt beat up Michael.  Vicki, Brenda Furrh (Michael's mother), Terry Lee Adams, and Ralph Anthony Smith, all witnessed this assault.  I personally saw its aftermath.  APD OFficer Barry G. Samples #1460 came on scene and wrote Report No. 940125500.  (Click on File #8).

      However, knowing that Matt would be violating that felony probation, Ron Venerable then quickly concocted his "Storey Story" and claimed that when they'd first arrived-  little Michael (all 5'4", 135 lbs.) had first attacked him and then Matt.  As their Storey Story went, they came back to Vicki's home (just past midnight) to pick up Brittnie's clothes and her bike (or was it because Vicki had called earlier, crying hysterically?).  Mediator Christina corroborated Ron's lies.  Officer Samples then wrote his other Report No. 940125475, claiming Ron was the "victim".  (Click on File #9).  As you continue to read within these police reports, when police came around, the Storey clan always used these types of excuses- (It was always someone else's fault; it was never Matt's fault).

     Matt then had child-custody modified within the divorce case.  Vicki lost her temporary sole-custody status.  Vicki then moved out of her Sleepy Hollow apartment, and moved into another complex. 

     On 09/25/94, Matt travelled over to Vicki's new home, and in broad daylight, he vandalized Michael's car.  APD Officer Thomas W. Lang #617, wrote Report No. 940140746 and described those events.  (Click on File #10).  Matt was not arrested.


Matt and Christina Assault Each Other In The Fall

     Matt and Christina lived within one side of a duplex which was owned by Bill Storey.  Matt's sister, Tracy Storey-Woodell, lived next door, along with her husband.  On 10/05/94, Christina and Matt then began assaulting each other.  APD Officer Jessie L. Rogers #1309, first arrested Christina for ASSAULT FAMILY VIOLENCE in APD Report No. 940146259.  (Click on File #11).

On 03/29/95, Christina entered a guilty plea and received 12 months probation.  See, e.g., State v. Ragland.  Case No. 0562865 (County Criminal Court No.10 Tarrant Co. Tx.).
(Click on File #12).  This was a crime of "Moral Turpitude."  See e.g., TEX. R. EVID. 609:  Lopez v. State, 990 S.W.2d 770, 778-79 (Tex. App.- Austin 1999, no pet.); and Hardeman v. State, 868 S.W.2d 404, 407 (Tex. App.- Austin 1993, pet. ref'd.)- (the prosecution never informed my defense about her conviction so that I could use it to impeach her credibility during my 1996 jury trial).

     On 10/08/94, while Matt was highly intoxicated (pay attention to the time) and still serving that felony probation, he assaulted Christina.  Pantego PD Officer D.J. Jones #630, wrote Report No. 941015895, and took two color photographs of Christina's injuries.  (Click on File #13).  Detective Sandra S. Blackney #608, later arrested Matt and charged him with ASSAULT- FAMILY VIOLENCE.  Matt was released on bail (nothing occurred within his felony probation) and he was awaiting final disposition in State v. Storey, Case No. 0563977 (County Criminal Court No. 10 Tarrant Co. Tx.) when he'd died on the everning of 04/02/95.  That case was then dismissed after his death, on 05/01/95.  (Click on File #14). He should not have been out on the streets during the night of 04/02/95.  Be sure to read Christina's (10/10/94) statements made to Det. Blackney.  She slipped and admitted Matt assaulted her on 10/5/94.  She took the fall for Matt so he wouldn't violate his felony probation, but, when he assaulted her again on 10/08/94, she had enough.  Matt had a very good "Network" of enablers in his life.