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My Resulting Mental Breakdown


     After surviving this sudden, unexpected nightmare, I then did not know whether or not Ronald Venerable would be coming around.  Leaving Matt (which I didn't know the extent of his injuries), I walked into my back alley and headed towards the back of my house.  I opened the breach on my rifle (like I had been taught), and leaned it up against my back fence, just next to my car (police recovered the rifle in that same location (Vol. 5, Pages 268-269).  I jumped over my locked fence (Vol. 5, Page 411).  I walked into my home and yelled my son's name.  He was hiding in our laundry room and came running to me.  I carried him upstairs and found nobody left within our home.  I sat down upon my son's toybox, located just inside his walk-in closet, and I rocked him.  I was in clear shock, yet didn't notice that I was covered in Matt's blood and body matter.  This was how I had transferred blood onto my son's clothing.

     Terry Hand then came into the room and asked if I was injured.  He pointed out the blood covering me.  (Vol. 5, Page 295).  Terry said I looked "scared and confused," or in a "state of shock."  (Vol. 5, Pages 295-296).  He asked for my son and I told him to go and get Vicki.

     When Vicki came back into the room, she was screaming at me (Vol. 4, Page 101).  I couldn't get a word out to her, but I felt she was only choosing to believe what Christina was running around outside telling everybody; what she claimed happened.  Vicki testified that I looked to be "in a state of shock."  (Vol. 4, Page 126).

     I felt crushed when Vicki left; she clearly sided with the Storey clan- against me.  I took a near fifth of 100 proof vodka and chugged it down.  The more I sat there and thought about what had just happened; how Vicki had just screamed at me, Michael Furrh's campaign, being in constant fear of Matt, the police doing nothing for me, and then, Matt being dead- I snapped.  I remember starting to throw Vicki's property from my bedroom window, then being booked into the DWG-DPS jail. 

     I now believe I suffered from a mental breakdown- with retrograde or dissociative amnesia, because I couldn't fully remember the events of 04/02 and 04/03- until after 04/05/95.  Of course, the prosecution demanded I explain this lapse in memory.  (Vol. 5, Page 377).

     Attorney Noel Portnoy (SBOT #16162000) was retained on the morning of 04/03/95- he came down to the DWG-DPS jail and told me to keep my mouth shut.  I followed his advice.



Vennum's Investigation?


    DWG-DPS Lead Detective, Jerry S. Vennum #803, interviewed numerous witnesses between 04/03 through 04/06/95.  However, a good 90% of his overall investigation was directed at the events which took place at my townhome, after the shooting.  He clearly developed a "guilt bias" because of the tactic.

     On 04/05/95, Vennum dispatched DWG-DPS Officer Paul G. Boon #828, to go and examine Matt's red 1991 Ford Mustang, which was locked away in storage.  (Click on File #25).  Officer Boon took 14 color photographs of HVS blood spatter- all located on the passenger side of that car.  He also took blood and tissue samples.  He then wrote out a detailed report under Call Nos. 95040302152 and 95040302161. (Click on File #26).  I've never seen those pictures, despite numerous requests being made.   Dr. Marc Andrew Krouse completed his autopsy report in Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office, Case No. 951353T. (Click on File #27).

     By this time, Vennum knew full well what Christina claimed to have taken place on the evening of 04/02/95.  While DWG-DPS Officers were transporting me over to the Tarrant County Jail (on 04/06/95) those officers looked me dead in the eye and admitted they knew I hadn't done what Christina claimed.  Det. Vennum also knew this same truth.

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Bond Time Fun


     I was charged and indicted for the offense of 1st degree murder.  My bond was set at $200,000.00.  I further retained Attorney Portnoy.  We attended the bond reduction hearing in May of 1995.  The Storey clan and Michael Furrh also attended the hearing.  They spewed forth lies and angered the judge.  Bill and Doris had already filed suit against Vicki seeking full custody of Brittnie and Brooke (in Storey v. Storey, Case No. 325-220184-95 (325th Jud. Dist. Ct. Tarrant Co. Tx.)) and coerced Vicki into coming down and testifying against me in that bond hearing- (she would later call me at my ex-wife's home and admit to doing this).  My bond was ultimately reduced to $35,000.00, and I was released from jail on 05/22/95.  (Click on File #18b Bond Hearing).

     Just before my release, Christina called my long-time employer and asked them if I'd still be working there when released.  Their corporate cousel advised I not return until after my trial was completed.  This greatly affected my abilities to earn money for my defense.

     Even though the Storey clan and Michael Furrh had all sworn to the bond hearing judge- they'd feared for their very lives if I were released on bond, it took only four short hours until Doris drove slowly by my new home.

     As the days went by, the Storey clan mailed things to me; they'd drive by at all hours; they even posted hundreds of fliers up and down both sides of the street, alerting my new neighbors that there was an "ACCUSED MURDERER" living close by.  (Click on File #28).  I called the APD and filed a report with APD Officer D. Poe #731, to no avail.  I was thus forced to move in with Attorney Portnoy's girlfriend for a short period of time.  Just hours after leaving my first home, Ron and Tamara Venerable knocked at its door just wanting to "talk" with me.

     Vicki even managed to track me down.  She'd follow me around on my delivery routes, trying to stay in touch.

     The Storey clan built large shrines on the corner of Arkansas Lane and Madrid Court- right where the shooting took place.  They begged on their signs for God to smite me with fire!  They continually pestered the neighbors around that same corner- contaminating witnesses who would later come to my trial and testify for the State.

     The Storey clan even called the FBI and tried to have three bank robberies pinned on me, which wasn't an easy task for me to convince the FBI otherwise, since I was already out on the murder bond.

     The Storey clan had a "Death Sentence Petition" passed around for signing by their agents.  They wanted the State to upgrade my charges and put me to death.

     The Storey clan even followed me up to a "Chuck-E-Cheese's" and tried to stop my son's fifth birthday party.  The APD was called, and more reports filed in early April of 1996.

     Vicki was also receiving her own share of the "Storey Stalkings."  On 04/22/95, APD Officer Patricia Siphano #1518, wrote out her Report No. 950057847, describing these events.  (Click on File #29).

     By this time, Attorney Portnoy feared for my life to the point he arranged for the court to order me held by the Sheriff and thereafter taken to the DPW airport, then flown down to Harlingen, Texas (my hometown) in the event my jury found me not guilty at trial.  There was no doubt the Storey clan would've murdered me if that had occurred.





Just My Luck:  A Car Wreck


     On 04/05/96, while I was on my way over to Attorney Portnoy's office, getting ready for trial to begin on Monday morning 04/08/96, I was rear-ended while sitting at a stop light.  I signed contracts for Attorney Portnoy to represent me in that action.  Also because I wanted treatment from Dr. Darryl D. Nix, D.O., who was my longtime family physician (thanks to Christina, I no longer had insurance coverage while on bond).  (Click on File #30).  Dr. Nix had me go over to the Emergency Room, then wrote out his orders and treatment plan.  I was taking five (5) high-powered medications, and ordered to thirty days bedrest, with daily rehabilitation sessions. (Click on File #31).

     Attorney Portnoy neglected to contact Dr. Nix and see whether or not he even agreed I should stand trial for murder, starting 04/08/96.  After my trial, Dr. Nix learned about this fact and executed two sworn affidavits swearing that he OBJECTED and if Portnoy would have contacted him, he felt I wasn't mentally or physically competent to stand trial during that time.  (Click on File #32).  Dr. Nix last examined me on the early morning of 04/08/96- the very morning my trial began.  As you'll see in pages 3 and 4 of Attorney Portnoy's sworn affidavit, dated 08/06/98 (redacted 08/14/06), he claimed to not seeing anything wrong with me during trial.  (Click on File #33).  Who does one believe?  A doctor, or an attorney?

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