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     Just before my 1996 trial, Vicki had settled with the Storey clan, in regards to that suit.  (Tarrant Co. Case No. 325-220184-95).  Since she remained married to Matt during the time of his death, insurance money was involved, along with some property.  Vicki obtained full custody of Brittnie and Brooke; all of that money was divided four ways:  Vicki, Brittnie, Brooke, and Matt, Jr., all received equal amounts.  After my trial concluded, Vicki had all four of those accounts rolled up into a single account.  She then spent every last cent.  She defrauded Matt's children.  The Honorable Judge Judith G. Wells later held Vicki in contempt of court.  She was ordered to repay every last cent. 

     Funny, when Vicki last wrote me, here in prison, back in March/April of 1999, she'd neglected to tell me anything about that fraud.  Instead, she only begged for my forgiveness.  She was then Mrs. Vicki Lynn McGlathery (living in Granbury, Texas).  She informed me she'd given birth to two additional children (via two different men).  She then described her new husband as near "Christ like."  I still possess those letters.

     Even the Storey clan mailed me things from time to time, albeit with no return addresses, but, I can easily tell it is them due to the postal cancel marks (Bill and Doris now live in Richardson, Texas).  My Pro Bono LPI's keep close tabs on where they're living- subpoenas will come their way in the very near future.  I only wish that the Storey clan would write me a "normal letter" every once in a while?

     There's much, much more in my case.  I have most every file and record, (which, due to its large volume, I am not able to make it all available on this site).  I'm still digging.  My Pro Bono experts are still analyzing forensic evidence.  Some things can not be discussed at this time, lest I tip my hand and the prosecution team "lose" additional evidence.

     One thing should now be certain to you- if you've read everything up to this point.  I'm clearly NOT GUILTY of any 1st degree murder.  Instead, I'm NOT GUILTY by reason of self-defense (legal innocence/justified homicide).  Under our law, one is actually innocent if the State has the "right" person, but he is NOT GUILTY of the crime with which he is charged.  See, e.g., Schlup v. Delo, 513 U.S. 298, 321 (1995) (Noting prisoner interest in relief "if he is innocent of the charge for which he was incarcerated", quoting Kuhlmann v. Wilson, 477 U.S. 436, 452 (1986) Plurality Opinion).  A man whom I personally know, whom I personally serve prison time with, Quinton Blane Smith, had his near identical case (his forensic facts are worse than my own, (he shot the decedent at a distance greater than 3 feet)), thrown out by the courts.  See e.g., Smith v. Dretke, 417 F. 3d 438 (5th Cir. 2005).

     Matt called my home, he threatened my life, he then travelled over to my home and tried to disarm me (or worse).  When he placed his hands upon my rifle, he was then just as armed as myself.  I weighed at or about 127 pounds and stood 5' 7" tall.  Mat stood 5' 8" tall and weighed 190 pounds.  Dr. Krouse described Matt as being a "well-developed muscularly-athletic looking guy." (Vol. 4, Page 170).  I had no realistic physical chance against him.

     I violated no laws when going outside with my rifle (this is legal in Texas).  It only became illegal when discharged inside of city limits.  I had no faith the police would protect me, and now know that by law, they had no constitutional duty to protect me.  See, e.g., Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales, 545 U.S. 748 (2005), and Warren v. District of Columbia, 444 A.2d 1 (D.C. 1981).

     The State of Texas had ample opportunity to rein in Matt's hostile behaviors- he should not have been allowed that bail bond after he assaulted Christina on the night of 10/08/94.  Matt's felony probation was clearly violated at that time.  He should not have been out of jail on 04/02/95.  The State did nothing to protect me, or the general public.  The system dropped the ball.  I'm now paying the price for their errors.

     And, the fault isn't all theirs, because the Storey clan always managed to enable Matt away from serving any jail time or any other discomforts (they purchased his home, his car, paid his bails and his attorney fees).  All Matt had to worry about was beer money.

     I did not wish to then become Matt's next punching bag on the evening of 04/02/95, nor did I wish any harm to come upon Matt.  Matt, and his entire Storey clan, all made their own choices and reaped the consequences stemming from those choices.

     Attorney Portnoy made a very good point to my jury when he said, "Dangerous men make a history; they leave a trail." (Vol. 7, Page 30).  Matt had a well-established history, he had that trail.  He made that choice and died as a consequence of it.  APD Officer Terry Deats #1105, knows all about Matt's history and trail.  He'd love to tell you all about it.

     I, however, did not have that dangerous/violent history,nor any bad trails.  I was by no means perfect.  Yes, I used to drink alcohol and ingested speed (given to me by a member of the Storey clan), so I could work very long days.  My consequences stemming from those stupid choices are not deserved.  Moreso, when one realizes everything was based upon pure lies and deception.

     That picture, posted below, was just recently taken of me, here inside of this prison.  I'm now going on 44 years of age.  My health isn't what it once was; prison life is hard on the body and soul.  I'll never be released on parole within my lifetime.  Where is my son?  I don't know.  I haven't seen him since 07/25/98.  I hope to find him one day, that is, before I die in this prison for a crime I did not commit.

    If you wish to come forward and help me expose this truth, help me obtain the justice I'm due, all you need do is contact me at the below listed address or phone number (you may also send me emails via for 44 cents per page fee (just remember to include your snail mail return address so I can respond through that method).

     If you're a professional (i.e. Lawyer, Doctor, Professor, LPI, Media, etc.) and wish to review all my records (including graphic scene and autopsy photos) just let me, or my outside advocates know.  We'll get you those things.

     I do sincerely thank you for giving me your time, for reading about this injustice.  I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

*Note:  I ask the reader to contact Tarrant County Officials and ask them why they do not correct this blatant injustice by going to: or