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Let The Games Begin


     Just before my trial began, Bill and Doris were caught coaching each other's trial testimony regarding their suit with Vicki (Tarrant Co. Case No. 325-220184-95).  Attorney Portnoy alerted my court to this fact.  Bill was closely watched.  Bill knew this, so he sat over real close to the jury box.  Ron Venerable sat on the opposite side of the courtroom, while Tamara and Tracy sat behind the prosecutors.  I remember asking Portnoy about that bizarre set up; we didn't figure it out until I took the witness stand.  When I looked at Portnoy- just behind his head was a smiling Ron Venerable.  I swung around and looked over at the prosecutors.  Yep, there was Tamara and Tracy, both smiling back at me.  They'd been doing the coaching, their smiles let me know it was too late to try to do anything.  (Click on File #34).

     Even though "The Rule" (Tex. R. Evid. 613) was invoked, Ron, Tamara, and Tracy- all delivered trial testimony out to Doris and Christina, waiting out in the hallway.  This, despite the court's repeated admonishments not to do this.

     In the end, the Storey Story paid off.  On 04/12/96, I was found guilty of 1st degree murder, then sentenced to LIFE confinement in the TDCJ-CID  (Click on File #35).  My first time parole date is scheduled for 02/20/26.

     If things weren't bad enough at that point, Tamara was then given an opportunity to give an "Impact Statement", wherein she'd called me an evil monster.  All throughout my trial, Matt had been described as a kind "gentle giant" of a man.

Then Began My Biggest Fight


     I was sent to the French M. "Rock'n Robin" Robertson Unit, which was then the worst Level Six Maximum Security Prison in the entire TDCJ-CID System.  Pure murder and mayhem surrounded me at all hours of the night and day.  The guards were just as, or more evil than the inmates.  Each day was an adventure and you'd thank God each night for allowing you another day of life.

     I learned to turn that raw fear into positive energy.  I hit the Law Library with a vengeance.  Before long, I was working in there as a clerk.  I learned by helping in others cases- it gained me respect from the other inmates.  After clocking in around 8,000 hours, I started "walking" other inmates.  My name then got around, and I built up an outside network of advocates, who started helping me dig into my own case.  The more I dug, the more I began to find.

     Today, I now have more than 18,000 hours clocked into that Law Library.  I just completed my Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies, from The Paralegal Institute, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, (Student I.D. #246753)(800)-354-1254,  Attn: Kayla- or- I finished with a 3.80% GPA.  (Click on File #36).




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My Special Intruder Judge


     I already filed a rather lame post-conviction habeas writ back in 1997/1998.  However, the very first real solid error I later discovered was the former/senior (special visiting judge) whom presided over my 1996 jury trial (James K. Walker).  Well, he wasn't a "Judge".  Oh, please don't get me wrong; Walker used to be a judge back in the 1980's, but he lost his re-election bid in the 286th Judicial District Court in Hockley County, Texas.  His last day as a "judge" was back on 12/31/90.  Afterwards, he executed AFFIDAVITS TO SERVE ON JUDICIAL ASSIGNMENTS, but neglected to ever execute, take, or file his required Anti-Bribery Oath, and Oath of Office.  Both are mandated under U.S. Const. Article VI, Clause 3: and Tex. Const. Article XVI, Section 1 (c), (d), and (f) (Vernon 1989; Supp. 1993).  I now possess 233 pages of state documents (only a select few are exhibited on this site) which proves that Walker was not a duly qualified special visiting judge during my 1996 jury trial.  (Click on File #37). 

     Mr. Walker was later contacted by phone, on 05/05/04, and he'd clearly admitted to Pam Hand that he had NOT taken, executed, or filed any Anti-Bribery Oath or Oath of Office after he left office in the 286th Judicial District Court back on 12/31/90, up until 06/13/99.  (Click on File #38).

     You can read the law for yourself on this issue.  From Prieto Bail Bonds v. State, 994 S.W.2d 316, 318-321 (Tex. App.- El Paso 1999, Pet. ref'd) all the way back to the very first "Void Judgement" case in Sutherland v. Deleon.  1 Tex. 250; 1846 WL 3617 (1846).  If you follow and respect our constitution, our laws, this means that my 04/12/96 JUDGEMENT OF CONVICTION is both illegal, null and void.  I've not yet been legally convicted or sentenced for any crime.  Instead, I've been held hostage, at gun point, all these years without due process of law.

     Mr. Dan Malone, a reporter with The Fort Worth Weekly, found and wrote two indepth articles on this very issue.  See, e.g., "So Help Me God- A Bench Full Of Unsworn Judges Causes Serious Cussing At The Local Courthouse", by Dan Malone. (03/27/03) (, and "Black Robes And Big Questions," (03/10/04) ( or you may contact that source by phone at:  (817) 321-9700.  I am quoted in the 03/10/04 article.

     The State and its agents all know about, but ignore this major error.  Try calling anyone of them and asking about it.  Don't be too surprised by their answers; they'll acknowledge it occurred, but then say they can't retry all of those thousands of void cases.  Indeed, money's usually no object when the State is obtaining the conviction, it only becomes a problem when its legality is later called into question.




Massive Withholding of the Truth


     I discovered all of those many police/offense reports, discussed above, on Matt and Christina.  I knew nothing about them during my 1996 jury trial.  I managed to obtain a live evidentiary hearing back on 08/14/06.  While legitimate, Judge Elizabeth A. Berry would not allow me to subpoena James K. Walker to that hearing; she did not allow me to subpoena Attorney Noel Portnoy.  I examined him under oath and proved the prosecution lied to him while withholding a considerable amount of material evidence from my 1996  jury. 

(Click on File #39).

     Using that 2006 Abatement Hearing Record, I secured the Pro Bono expert assistance of Louis L. Akin, LPI, CMI.  He informed me he needed to review the forensic evidence within my case.  Moreso, those 14 color photographs taken by DWG-DPS Officer Paul G. Boon (Click on File #40), those very same pictures that Det. Vennum had "forgotten" to bring down to my 1996 jury trial.  (Vol. 5, Pages 259-264).

     Vennum had his records custodian, Krysten Jeter, lie and deceive records requests seeking those pictures made by Shirley Hooks, John A. Pizer, Alejandro Hernandez, and Attorney Charles H. Clark (Click on File #41).  Vennum claimed to have known who was behind those requests (me), and he always knew what those pictures exposed; Christina's lies.  He never intended for anyone to see, nor analyze them.

     I've tried filing a mandamus suit, seeking injunctive release of those 14 pictures to no avail.  See, Reger v. Criminal District Attorney of Tarrant County, Texas, and Detective Jerry S. Vennum #803.  Cause No. 141-227005-07 (141st Jud. Dist. Ct. Tarrant Co. Tx.); Appeal No. 02-09-00363-CV; 2011 WL 1901983 and 2011 WL 3546631 (Tex. App.- Fort Worth 2011). PFR Filed Case No. 11-1032. You can review the appellate court opinions at