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The Biggest Mistake of My Life

     By this point, I only knew little bits and pieces of the above-related events.  I know no specific facts.  Vicki came back around my home in late October, or early November, of 1994.   She informed me she ended her relationship with Michael, because she came home early one day and caught him wearing her panties and bra, masturbating, to boot.  She moved in with her sister and got a job at Tom Thumb Page, in Arlington, Texas.  I told her I was pleased to hear about her positive changes.  A little over a week passed when I bumped into Vicki.  I asked her out.  We went on this first date and I returned to her home.  Little did we then know, Michael followed us.  Have you ever seen "Fatal Attraction"?  Well, this would be the start of Michael's long stalking and vandalism campaign against me and Vicki.

     On 11/26/94, APD Officer Amanda L. Moss #1452, wrote Report No. 940173935, wherein Vicki reported Michael had vandalized her car after our first date.  He also stalked and harassed her on the job.  (Click on File #15).  Also on 11/26/94, APD Officer Bruce A. Shelby #619, wrote Report No. 940173813, because I reported Michael slashed all four of my new tires.  (Click on File #16).  My neighbors, who knew Michael by sight, saw him out running around my car earlier on that very same morning when my tires were slashed.  It should be remembered that Michael was trespassing.  He had no legal right to be on Sleepy Hollow Apartment property.  I lost a full days overtime wages, tow truck fees, and the cost of eight new car tires.  The case was given cursory investigations by APD Detective Jim Sumrall #801, and then dismissed, on 12/21/94.  No charges were brought. 

     There are numerous APD offense reports made by myself and Vicki, against Michael Furrh; more than 18 calls in total.  The Police turned a blind eye and indifferent ear to our plea.

Vicki's Grand Plan Begins To Bear Fruit

     Vicki made sure to introduce myself to every member in the Storey clan.  They approved of my stable life and work history.  Because of this, they allowed Vicki to have greater access to her daughters (which I now believe was her whole reason for dating me.) 

     We decided to get a bigger place and moved into a townhouse located in Dalworthington Gardens, Texas.  It wasn't long before Michael followed us.  I called the police- numerous times.  One example, on 03/20/95, DWG-DPS Jayson E. Wittmayer #319, wrote Report No. 95032001761.  (Click on File #17).  And, once again- nothing was done.  Michael would later relish in his recounting of these campaigns when testifying against me, during my May 1995 bond reduction hearing  (Click on File #18a Transcripts and File #18b Bond Hearing).

     Michael worked hard on the Storey clan- telling them I was "the big methamphetamine dealer", who had strung Vicki out back during the summer of 1994.  That was an outright lie.  However, in his oral interview with DWG-DPS Detective Jerry S. Vennum #803, dated 04/04/95, Michael also boasted about calling Matt in early March of 1995, blaming me for the very reason Matt had beat him up back on 08/28/94, recorded in APD Report No. 940125500.  (Click on File #19).  Focus on Pages 1 and 10.  Matt acknowledged that phone call being made to him by Michael.  Our relationship soured afterwards.  (Vol. 5, Page 340).

     What is ironic, is the fact that it was a member of the Storey clan, Matt's fourth cousin, Debra "Debbie" Storey-Lloyd, who was the "big amphetamine dealer"- supplying everyone with speed back during the summer of 1994.  I had no idea she was related to Matt.  That is, until Vicki had met her while we visited Debbie's home on the early morning of 1/01/95.  Vicki knew I used speed during the Summer of 1994, but I never shared or sold any to her.  After we began to date, I hid my usage from her.  I made very sure she did not use any while we dated.


Brittnie Learns To Play The Adults Using Phone Games

     Brittnie was a smart, sweet, and strong-willed child.  While living in our home, she learned she had "other options" when we disciplined her for bad behavior.  One night, after sending her upstairs to her room, our doorbell rang.  It was Granny- Doris Jean Storey- and she was there to pick up Brittnie.  As it turned out, Brittnie called Doris from her bedroom phone, crying just hysterically, asking Doris to come and get her.  Matt didn't have a home phone (he'd relied on his sister, Tracy, living next door, to ferry messages over to him) so Doris took Brittnie back to her home.  This nearly happened again a few weeks later.  However, on this night, I watched my cordless phone and saw when she'd picked up the line in her bedroom.  I put my foot down with Doris.  I then removed that phone from Brittnie's bedroom.  I also installed a lock on my bedroom door.  At my 1996 jury trial, Brittnie admitted to having played these phone games.  (Vol. 4, Page 80).  Also, on a side note:  Matt had given Brittnie some type of "code word" she was to use over the phone if she'd ever saw anything bad happening while she was with her mother.

My Standing With The Storey Clan Begins To Decline

     By the middle of March, 1995, my standing with the Storey clan had become strained.  I began to carry my .9mm pistol on my person most everywhere I went.  Not just because of Matt, but also because of Michael.

     Around 03/25/95, Matt called Vicki and cussed her.  That happened around 9:00 P.M.  What would happen on the night of 04/02/95 came very close to happening on this night.  Christina (the mediator) drove Matt over to our home.  But, by the time they arrived, Matt had passed out in the front seat.  Christina dropped off two-year-old Brooke, who was running a high fever and had the chicken pox.  As it turned out, Matt was out all that day, drinking and driving around with Brooke- (remember Vicki would swear in 1996 that Matt never did this to his children).  Brooke's diaper hadn't been changed for hours; her buttocks were raw and bleeding.  Doris asked Vicki to bring her over to her home.  During my Bond Reduction Hearing, held in May of 1995, Doris said I made a "scowled face" at her when dropping Brooke off at her home.  (Click on File #18).  That wasn't a very pleasant time- Brooke didn't have to suffer like that.  She screamed in pain and was very sick.  What was I supposed to do?  Smile?  Indeed, so long as none of the blame went back to Matt.  Doris would never stand for that.  Everyone else was to blame; never Matt.

The Second Biggest Mistake Of My Life


     On Sunday, 03/26/95, as Vicki and I sat upon the stairwell of our home, I had a very deep talk with her.  By this time, I was ready to throw in the towel- my gut was screaming at me to "EJECT!"  Alas, I loved Vicki.  I agreed to hold on just a little bit longer.  Vicki then assured me she'd always stand in my corner; behind all of my decisions with regards to Michael and the Storey clan. 

     By Wednesday, 03/29/95, Matt and Vicki completed mediation within their divorce.  Matt would get sole custody of Brittnie, while Vicki would get sole custody of Brooke.  Vicki's first visitation with Brittnie was scheduled from 04/01/95 until she was dropped off at school on the morning of 04/03/95.   Things were volatile at this point in time.  Their pending divorce would have become final in April of 1995.

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