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Russell Jay Reger

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     My name is Russell "Rusty" Jay Reger.  Thank you for giving me your time and attention in reading about my blatant miscarriage of justice.  The picture posted to the right, is of myself and my then three year old son, Johnathan Allen Reger.  It was taken in December of 1994- just shortly after I walked into the middle of a very sick "Storey Clan" divorce; just a few months before my life would be destroyed.  I was only 27 years old at that time.  I had full custody of my son and worked full time on the same job for a little over eight years.  My credit rating was near perfect; my bills were always paid on time.  I did  not even have a traffic ticket on my adult record.

     Then along came Vicki Lynn Storey (DOB 06/09/69).  She moved into the Sleepy Hollow Apartments, where I was living with my son.  Vicki came along with her two young daughters Brittnie Hellen (age 7 years) and Elizabeth Brooke (age 18 months).  Vicki was in the process of divorcing William Matthew "Matt" Storey (DOB 03/13/69).  See e.g. Storey v. Storey, Case No.  325-207935-94 (325th Jud. Dist. Ct. Tarrant Co. Tx.).

     Matt had left Vicki so he could pursue a new relationship with his fellow co-worker, Christina Renae Ragland-Storey (DOB 12/18/70).  Christina would later give birth to Matthew, Jr., in September of 1995.

     Shortly after I was introduced to Vicki, she soon began dating one of Matt's old friends, Michael Gene Furrh (DOB 02/22/68).

     Matt's extended clan members, which will come into play later, include his parents, Bill and Doris Jean Storey, his brother-in-law, Ronald "Ron" William Venerable (DOB 12/04/62), Ron's wife, (Matt's older sister) Tamara Storey-Venerable, and Matt's middle sister, Tracy Storey-Woodell.  Lastly, there's Matt's fourth cousin, Debra "Debbie" Storey-Lloyd.  I met Debbie back in 1993- well before meeting any of the other members within the Storey clan.    

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Rusty & Johnathan Reger in 1994

     This is my story detailing my wrongful conviction for 1st degree murder.  The main events occurred between the years 1994 through 1996.  Everything stated by me in this web page is backed up with a designated "file" which contains public documents obtained through the state open records requests.  I speak the truth.  I seek the truth.

     I want justice through the telling of the truth (i.e., my total exoneration).  This web page is not meant to harass, nor to disparage anyone discussed herein (most everything is already a public record.) 

     Let the truth be my absolute defense.  If anyone feels that I have made direct attacks on themselves, or their family, that is not the purpose of this web page.  Instead, I found it upon the premise to "speak the truth and shame the devil"-- Frederick Rabalais